Poetry by Kesley

I love a man with a smokey voice

For it makes me want him badly

It curls my toe and turns my heart

The smokey voice warms my blood

And gives it a throttle

I would want to get the mouth of the smokey voice,

To kiss him so sweetly

To hold him so tightly

To taste the sweetness of his tongue

As he moans and groans

As he twists and turns

As he sweats and smiles

I would want to swallow his saliva

And let it flow down my throat

I want his tongue tickling mine

I want his smooches and warm breath

To feel his quick breaths

To kiss his neck

To kiss his nipples and suck them

I want to hear his smokey voice say

“Oh yes!”

For his smokey voice amuses me to infinity

His smokey voice makes me naughty

I want a man with a smokey voice

To feel his shaft in me

As it gives me pleasure incomparably

As he makes love to me

As he calls my name

His smokey voice

Shall make me orgasm like stars!

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