A story by Jacinta Mwongeli.

In the quiet urban suburbs, Tracy a single 27-year-old queer nurse and single parent is embarking on a unique journey, embracing the role of raising her son, Leroy-a physically challenged child. 

Leroy’s laughter resonates through their home, a melodic symphony that dances alongside the gentle progression of his milestones. He fondles with Kelly, his playful feline companion who shares in his love for games and cuddles. Tracy celebrates every small victory with Leroy, from his first steps to his first words. Each milestone is a testament to their shared resilience, forged amidst the judgment and misunderstanding they encountered from those who failed to grasp Leroy’s condition.

Who is facing speech difficulties, delayed teething, and walking, Leroy often finds himself struggling to socialize with children his age. Tracy is under the weight of societal pressure for Leroy to “catch up,” yet she remains unwavering in her dedication to his well-being. The high cost of living is yet a burden on her shoulders on top of the extra needs Leroy may need. Her resilience raves on.

Leroy’s journey of discovery unfolds at its own pace, with Tracy finding joy in each moment of understanding. From colourful meals to swimming, outdoor adventures and gardening lessons, Tracy nurtures Leroy’s sense of wonder and independence.

Their path is not without challenges, but through it all, Tracy and Leroy paint a portrait of resilience and determination, bound together by an extraordinary bond that transcends limitations and embraces the beauty of their shared journey.

This is a story of love, patience, and unwavering support. 

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