Royal History Made: King George V’s Great Grand-daughter Says Yes to Lover in First Lesbian Royal Union

Two brides sharing a kiss

In a groundbreaking event, Ellen Lascelles, 39, a member of the Royal Family lineage, exchanged vows with her Australian partner, Channtel McPherson, in a picturesque outdoor ceremony in New South Wales, Australia late last month.

Amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Byron Bay Hinterland, Ellen and Chan sealed their union with a kiss, becoming the Royal Family’s first lesbian couple to wed. The ceremony was adorned with a delightful handmade banner reading ‘Here Come The Brides’, adding a touch of whimsy to the joyous occasion.

Ellen, the niece of David Lascelles, 8th Earl of Harewood, and Chan, owner of a design company, will blend their families, creating a loving home for Ellen’s son, Jack, daughter, Penny, and Chan’s daughter, Raff.

Daily Mail reports their wedding was set amidst rolling green hills and lush rainforests, symbolising love and unity, with Ellen’s son Jack paying tribute to the Arakwal people, on whose land they were married.

Ellen, known for her playful spirit and love for adventure, joyfully accepted Chan’s proposal, describing their engagement as a journey on a ‘love cloud’. Theirs is a testament to love transcending boundaries, marking a significant milestone in the Royal Family’s history of inclusivity and acceptance.

This historic event follows in the footsteps of Lord Ivar Mountbatten’s marriage to James Coyle in 2018, showcasing the Royal Family’s ongoing commitment to embracing love in all its forms.

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