We use film and documentaries to tell powerful, real-life stories of the queer community in Africa to the world. Our aim is to inspire and educate society in a bid to end discrimination and aid in social-economic justice.


We offer training to organizations across Africa to help make the environments where queer people work to be more inclusive, friendly and respectful. We help eliminate bullying at the workplace due to one’s sexual orientation. We challenge different organizations to start championing inclusive marketing campaigns to represent their gay consumers. We encourage firms to employ more LGBTQ people in their teams and boards.


Music and Art is so personal and subjective, just like one’s sexual orientation. We support the continent’s creatives as they work to tell African stories through music, art and fashion, with sentiment and depth. We use music art to educate and change the different societal norms.

It is time to be BOLD!

It is time we stood up for our Queer folk in the continent, so that they may live and love freely.

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