Bold Network was founded by Chris Muriithi in 2020. In 2018, after being ousted publicly as a gay woman, Chris went through a traumatic experience of cyberbullying and public shaming for months and years on end, to date.

This experience broke her spirit. But she chose to rise above the humiliation and stand boldly in her truth.
Her shell had cracked open. She knew then that she wanted to form a movement that could help so many other queer people in Africa who have gone through similar experiences. And Bold Network was born.

Being a journalist and a film-maker herself, Chris knew she wanted to use her passion for storytelling to inspire change in Africa.

LGBTQ stigma is painfully prevalent in Africa, to a point where so many are losing their lives simply because of two uncontrollable events; how they were born and who they choose to love. Through her powerful storytelling, Chris aims to end the discrimination against the LGBTQ community in her country Kenya and across Africa.

It is time to be BOLD!

It is time we stood up for our Queer folk in the continent, so that they may live and love freely.

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