12.12.21 marked the inaugural of the Sol Festival. A peculiar, lucky, or superstitious choice of dates but one word for the event- Magical. 

The standards met, from security including a bomb squad to space, vendors, lighting, visual displays and high-priced vending was setting the bar in the event scene in Nairobi. 

Sauti Sol the Kenyan boy band deemed the favorite and maybe the longest musical group that has survived the tough Kenyan entertainment industry since 2005.

Now with a recording label-Sol generation and individual hit singles and Merch, the brand is stronger than ever and last weekend just proved how much more they can flex with a Sol generation festival of their own offering 2 hours straight of pure Sauti sol hits. Day one fans know Sauti Sol is a road-trip-long before you hear all their work. 

Nevertheless, it was Chimano who stole the show with the crowd going wild every time he held up his mic. His hit single Friday Feeling performance with vogue dancers Wiggly and Kevo from The Dance Shagz is what took it home. Introduced by none other than Letoya Johnstone and backing from our CEO and founder Makena Njeri. They both appear in the music video representing their organization Bold Network Africa. Chimano shut it down with an entire dance performance at the end or was it? Only to take the mic back from Makena and proceed to sing…

“Uh uh what you gonna do?” 

What would you do other than sit back and enjoying the most memorable performance this year!! 

Chimano in an sequins pink suit and matching eye shadow with right hand up.
Photography by Ojwook

Chimano who recently came out as gay earlier this month in The Standard on 9th December 2021 interview was quoted saying, “So, I am just laying everything bare; from now on, hakuna kujificha jificha (there is no more hiding). Sexuality does not define you. It is just about me putting myself out there, my creativity and living my truth”, referring to his Friday Feeling music video that is Pose-inspired (a TV series that depicts 1980s ballroom culture in New York ) reflecting our very own underground Kenyan ballroom culture that is very much alive and admits he is a part of.

This is why we at Bold Network Africa part of our work is to support and influence the inclusivity of queer people in workspaces including, the music and arts spaces.

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