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T’s the season of merry, Happy Holidays to you! Making merry can look different to each of us and it is quite alright. Remember your happiness is what matters so a few ideas on how to protect your energy and stay safe this holiday:

  1. Create boundaries which may look like not having a conversation that you don’t want to, receiving calls when you have the energy to, not going home to the family because you don’t want to etc

2. Don’t go out partying without a friend or two for safety reasons.

3. Be vulnerable and listen to yourself, your body, mind, and soul. Tell the people you love, you love them. Express yourself. Connect with your support system. Seek therapy, mental health is important.

4. Go outside and breathe some fresh air. Enjoy the little things.

5. Find your pivot point, your center, and ground yourself.

 A few ideas to stay indoors and still enjoy the Holidays;

Queer movies

Red love

Single all the way


The Death and Life of Marsha P.

Call me by your name

The Watermelon Woman




Queer TV series and documentaries


Sex education

Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen


Screaming queens

State of Pride

The Year we thought about love

Trany Fag

Pink Flamingoes

Queer books

Minority Women in Action (MWA) anthology New Rain

Rafiki Zetu by Dennis Nzioka

Stories of our lives by The Nest Collective

Meanwhile by Qintu Club

Invisible Stories from Queer Kenyan Communities by Kevin Mwachiro

Rainbow Childhoods by GALCK

Touch by HOLAA

Fairytale of Lost Children by Diriye Osman

Blogs and websites and pages to follow




AFRA they have a Christmas plan!!

Support queer business

e.g Leafy organic beauty for handmade aphrodisiac candles, oils, and black soap

 Unapologetic brands for beaded pride accessories Pride Merch Ke for Rainbow accessories

Pride Merch Ke for Rainbow accessories

Bold merch from us Bold Network Africa drop us as a dm for hoodies, sweatshirts and polos

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