The Bold and Proud Hangout is a monthly event hosted by the Bold Network Africa in collaboration with Chiki Kuruka’s dance studio-The Dance Shagz at Rosslyn Rivieira Mall, Limuru road.

Bold Network Africa’s hangout aims to bring together diverse and great minds alike in a safe space where formalities cloak off and productive intentional interactions begin.

“It is your life’s work to shine.”


Last month in June, for our Pride month celebrations we held our inaugural event of the ‘The Bold and Proud Hangout’ that coincided with the launch of our ‘Bold’ craft beer, a BNA collaboration with 254 Brewing Co. The event attracted a majority of our stakeholders and a good number of our LGBTQIA+ community. It brought in an amalgamation of queers, allies who vibed, and danced their shoes off together creating a refreshingly beautiful scene.

This month on the 11th of July we held our #2 edition of the Bold and Proud Hangout  that was one word, epic, our guests in spite of  the cold showed up for an afternoon master class of voguing by the vogue master, Wiggly. In the end, we all were adamant to leave the energy behind. On our next edition, we promise it will be bigger and better.

Psst…maybe a different venue…

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who came in support of our first and second edition of our Hangout. To the vendors, asante for coloring our space, ensuring our thirst is quenched and providing spectacular merch.  We were stoked at the turn up and feedback from you. We strive to bring you more of this as often as we can!

“Continue to do the good work regardless of the challenges.”

-Purity Wangare

“The Bold Network Africa is creating the much needed safe space for the queer community. This was evident during the first event where people showed up to network and interact with like-minded individuals. I got to meet and make genuine connections with such wonderful souls. This Hangout is monumental and is paving way for the restoration of freedom and dignity for the queer community in the continent. It is in recognition of the resilience and relentlessness of queer people. I can’t wait for the next edition.”

~ Mukanzi Musanga


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